The Adventure Continues

Oh! City of Lights, City of Ambition and Striving, City of Guys in Flannel, Workboots, and......MidCentury Modern Knitwear! Ohio Knitting Mills had a terrific visit with old friends and new in NYC this past week while showing our amazing Virgin Vintage knitwear at the Pop Up Flea in Nolita. We were joined by other roots brands like Tellason, Billykirk, Gitman Bros, Shott NYC, Alexander Olchs, and Rogues Gallery.

We were also joined by some labels I can only call the 'grown-ups', like JCrew and Jack Spade - is it possible these big corp labels were slumming with us bootstrappers to get some rub-off cred?! No matter, because all are very welcome and all the vendors showed up large, looked fine, brought handsome goods and the vibe was just about the love.  Great appreciation and respect to Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean and Randy Goldberg of Urban Daddy for putting the event together, and to Whitney Shanks of Openhouse Gallery for making us welcome and comfortable.

As always, New York was bracing, surprising, sassy and sartorial- and it felt like coming home to be back in the 'burg. And many, many great folks (and I do mean many!) came out to see us.  Nice sweaters, folks!

We're working on some plans to bring OKM back to the City on a more regular basis. Meanwhile, stay in touch and shop us on our website.

Cue the Miles Davis....


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