Time to Explore.....

All your Ohio Knitting Mills pals have spent the past 5 years learning how to make the most fabulous American-produced knitwear we can. And we're mighty proud of what we have created, and all the marvelous places this venture has taken us and the wonderful people we've met along the way. We have grown in more ways than we ever imagined, and accomplished much of what we set out to do, and we are now at a crossroads, ready to grow and maybe become the grown up apparel label we always envisioned. For us to take these next steps, we will need even more partners and mentors, and frankly, more working capital. So, while we gather these important additional resources, we are taking things a little bit slower and not creating whole collections of knits. We are still (quietly) creating special projects (hello Harley-Davidson!) and small batches of accessories, as well as limited runs of our favorite sweater styles. When these tasty treats become available- as autumn cools to winter- we'll let y'all know about them. Until then, keep exploring, stay warm, and stay beautiful everybody!!


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