Rebuild our American Knitwear Industry with Ohio Knitting Mills

Be part of revitalizing one of America's few operating knitting mills, and take home a piece of history by supporting the "Rebuild our American Knitwear Industry" IndieGogo crowdsourcing campaign. Your support goes towards equipment and materials. Over the next few weeks, Ohio Knitting Mills is looking to the future and to our solid community of supporters to help us take the next steps, in rebuilding the American Knitwear Industry.

We have made great strides towards achieving this ambitious goal of reopening the Ohio Knitting Mills. Now, we are appealing to like-minded and generous good folks far and wide to help us grow our knitting mill. By supporting us, we will be able to buy additional sewing production equipment and materials to design and develop new knit textiles and garments.

Today, as the caretaker of the Ohio Knitting Mills archive, and creative director of the OKM label, Steven Tatar feels the responsibility to preserve and promote our traditions of being a country that makes things, and in particular, our clothing. We certainly are not alone in this effort, there are many other terrific people striving to revitalize a variety of industries. But there are very few who are focusing on knitwear, in spite of how vast this category of textiles are worldwide.

Over the past few years, we have managed to put together a small but able sewing factory in Cleveland to prototype and sample new sweater designs. We have found the few remaining knitting industry suppliers to provide us with yarns, use their specialized knitting machines, and teach us how to design, knit, and sew garments.

We successfully produced and delivered a full collection of men’s sweaters for Fall 2013, and now we are poised to grow the Ohio Knitting Mills of the future. A future allowing us to continue our revival, develop new collections, and hopefully, be available to provide knitting services to other small labels that are seeking sources to realize their US produced knitwear designs.

Be sure to visit the campaign headquarters over at IndieGogo and share with your communities.  There is a great insiders tour of the studio and our list of perks, all made at our Cleveland, Ohio studio, which we know will delight and inspire you to support our project.


                                                 Ohio Knitting Mills works to

                                                 preserve and promote our traditions

                                                 of being a country that makes things.



We appreciate all of the support from our customers, collaborators and fans all over the world. We would not be here today without all of you.

So please, take a few minutes to tell your friends, family, co-workers, and loved ones about our campaign. Tell hand knitters, knitwear designers, fashion and sweater lovers, bloggers, makers, neo-industrialists and everyone in between. You are part of this community we’re talking about, so with this love, you support our project to grow our little company, as well as a sustainable American knitwear industry.

Follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page and pin with us over on Pinterest. We love hearing from you and thank you for being part of our community.  


  • Pedro Rubio says...

    I am the owner and Fashion designer of my brand Pedro Rubio tailored. It is so difficult to find USA goods. My brand is made is the USA also.

    On August 27, 2014

  • Amy @ Beads & Brass says...

    Hi! I am very excited to hear about your campaign, and I’m looking forward to seeing an update now that it’s ended. I heard about your company today on a knitting blog. I blog about knitting and American Made clothing at, which is why I’m so excited to hear about your indiegogo campaign. I just ordered your book! Keep up the good work!

    On April 17, 2014

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